Why do I feel emotional during or after a Reiki healing?

Reiki is a beautiful, non-invasive healing treatment that has the power to soothe your mind and calm your emotions. Reiki is a universal and intelligent energy that Reiki practitioners channel into your body, to rebalance and clear any blockages that might be causing resistance. This resistance can then manifest as emotional stress or physical pain or illness.

If you are someone who is experiencing some emotional stress, whether that be from a particular situation like a relationship break up or grief from a loved one passing, or whether you have constant anxiety or mental health difficulties, Reiki can help shift your energy to improve your emotional and mental state.

During a Reiki session, it is not uncommon to feel a rush of energy or emotion (energy-in-motion) as energy blockages start to dissolve and energy can flow more freely again. I liken this to releasing a dam wall – when a dam is removed, we get a rush of water flowing again. This rush or release in Reiki could be a bout of uncontrollable laughter, it could be tears streaming down your cheek, or it could be seemingly random body movements or twitches. Often stomachs will start to rumble, or flushes of heat or cold might be felt.

In the following few day after a Reiki healing, it is also very common to feel tired and need to rest, but it could also be that after a big release you might find that you have an enormous amount of energy to burn! Sometimes you might feel quite emotional, especially if there had been some emotional blockages you had been holding onto in your body that were released during your Reiki healing. All of these energetic and emotional effects after a healing are actually really positive signs, as your body has now let go of the block, and energy is flowing much more freely.

You will find that the period of rebalancing after a Reiki healing will usually only take a couple of days, and after that you’ll start to feel much more calm, grounded and balanced in your mind and body. Sometimes, this feeling of calm and grounded can happen straight away after your Reiki healing. Every Reiki session will be different, depending on what has happened in the weeks leading up, and what was released in your session.

If you are in a period of emotional stress, Reiki is an incredible way to help you calm your emotional state and find a sense of calm and peace again. For more information or to book an appointment, click here.

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