Ride your own ride

A little fun fact about me: I ride a motorbike, and have been riding now for 4 years! When I first got my license it was both scary and exhilarating. But one of the most important lessons I have ever learnt is to always ‘ride your own ride’. I started off on a small beginner bike, but after a couple of years it was time to upgrade. As I was test riding a new, much bigger bike, it felt enormous and heavy, but also fun and powerful! I was following a more experienced rider, and as he was pulling into a park, he suddenly realised it was a no-standing zone and zipped back out. I followed him into the park even though I knew it was no-standing, but unfortunately I didn’t have the skills or capability to zip out and I ended up dropping the bike… and so had to buy it! After a big cry in the gutter, I learned the hard way to always ‘ride my own ride’.

It can be so easy to follow the herd, or to feel pressured to do things that just don’t feel right to us. It’s so easy to compare ourselves to others and to judge ourselves for not being as good or as successful as someone else. We all have those moments of weakness and that is absolutely part of being human. The problem is when we compare and judge ourselves, we end up in a disempowered state of mind. At best, this doesn’t feel good, and at worst if this becomes a constant cycle, we end up in a state of anxiety, depression, or constant anger and frustration.

So how can Reiki healing help? Reiki reminds us that even though we are our own individual person, we are also connected to something much greater than ourselves. Reiki reminds us to let go of worry, and instead connect back to our intuition and gut instinct. Reiki tunes us into our inner Self, so that we have a greater awareness of how we feel at any moment in time. There have been times on the bike where I have felt pressure to keep up with more experienced riders, or follow a path that I didn’t feel comfortable on, or try to park in a spot I knew was no-standing! If I had listened to my gut and made a different choice, I would have felt more empowered.

Even though I ended up dropping the bike, now I am forever grateful to that experience, as it really did teach me that valuable lesson to always ride my own ride, and I won’t ever forget it! By translating that from the bike to every day life, I have learned that it doesn’t matter what other people are doing, and it doesn’t matter what others think. Tune into what feels right for YOU, and you will feel so much better for standing in true alignment with yourself.

To learn more about how Reiki healing can help you tune into your inner Self, book in for an appointment here. I’m offering Distant Reiki healing sessions, which are just as powerful as in person, and have the added benefit of keeping us both safe :)

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