Reiki for Relationships

So many of my clients come to see me for stress and tension. They often start by explaining to me how their job is stressful, that they’re so busy, and they have tension and physical pain… but often at the heart of the matter is that they are struggling in their romantic relationship, and this is having a serious effect on everything else in their life.

This is such a common problem that clients face, and not just through Covid19! When we start talking about what the issues in the relationship are, there is always a sense of frustration, anger, resentment or sadness. Relationships are tricky sometimes – they require constant work and effort to maintain a healthy, positive and loving energetic exchange.

When things in the relationship go downhill, the first thing I ask my clients is how they are feeling, and what they are experiencing. Everything in our outer world is a reflection of what is going on inside us. If we are struggling and feeling down in our mind and body, this is reflected back at us in the people we spend the most time around – especially our romantic partner. Unfortunately though, we don’t often see the problem starting with us, and we end up pointing the finger, blaming and getting frustrated at our partner instead.

When you find yourself in struggle town, the first thing to do is to take a step back, and re-evaluate your own energy. We will only get back what we put out, so if we can heal our own mind, body and our inner state, we will start to notice that the world around us gets better too. By taking back responsibility for our own Self, rather than relying on others to make us feel better, we will become far more empowered, and much stronger to deal with whatever it is we are facing.

Reiki helps to connect us to our inner Self. It can bring us back into our centre, reconnect us with our intuition, and clear our mind so that we can think and see with much more clarity. Often when we are feeling down, we become indecisive, disempowered, and a victim of our negative thoughts. Once we can clear our mind and rebalance our inner energy, we find ourselves more able to step into our power. When we lift our own energy up, we become more positive, more motivated and inspired, and we start to take pro-active action. Once wechange, the things around us also change.

If Reiki healing sounds like something that you think could help you, read here for more information or click here to book an appointment. Reiki has had a tremendous positive impact on my life, and I’m so excited to share Reiki with you too, so that you can also experience the incredible benefits Reiki has to offer. I’m offering in-person Reiki Healings (in Elwood), or Distant Reiki Healings (online). For more information on these offerings, click here, and I look forward to hearing from you soon.

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