How Reiki can help with the struggles of Lockdown 2.0

Are you struggling mentally or emotionally right now, but find it hard to open up to your friends and family? Maybe you know you need help or support, but can’t find the right person to turn to? Maybe you’re embarrassed about feeling the way you do, when there are so many people out there that seemingly have it worse than you do?

There are so many people suffering at the moment, especially through this second lockdown in Melbourne, but don’t feel like they can open up. I am also witnessing a lot of people minimizing their feelings and emotions because they feel like there are other people ‘out there’ that have it worse than them.

‘Things are bad, but it must be really awful for those people in the public housing towers’, or ‘I feel lonely and isolated, but at least I’m healthy and not sick in hospital’. Whether it is you saying these things to yourself or friends saying them to you to try and help, comparing your experiences to others can sometimes do more harm than good. When you (or others) minimize how you are feeling, you might not feel worthy of expressing your true emotions, which can lead to not just emotional blockages but energetic blocks too. If we are not acknowledging, processing or letting go of our emotions, it can start to wreak havoc on our mental, emotional, and energetic state.

A Reiki and Intuitive Healing with me is a little different from perhaps other Reiki healings. At the moment all sessions are done distantly (online via zoom) but they work the same way as a session in person. We would have an initial discussion to talk through how you’re feeling, what you’re experiencing and what is going through your mind. As a holistic life coach, I can help you to understand what it is you might be feeling and why, which can lead to greater awareness. Once you have more awareness of your mental and emotional state, you can start to let those emotions out.

Then we would have a distant Reiki healing, where I would send you Reiki energy remotely. Energy is not bound by time or space, so it works just as well distantly as in person. Energy healings help to dissolve any blockages that are stored in your body. Since emotions are energy, Reiki works wonderfully to help you to release those emotions that you have been repressing or holding back. Sometimes we don’t even know what the emotion is, until we release it. After a Reiki healing, you might feel tired or emotional – it pays to become aware of the emotion that is coming up to be cleared and healed, as it can give you some insight into what you might have been holding onto.

If you are someone that has been struggling through this second wave of restrictions, know that you need not suffer alone. Please reach out, book a Distant Reiki healing, and let me hold space for you to talk it out. You also might be very surprised at just how incredible Distant Reiki works too!

To book a Distant Reiki healing, click here.

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