Energy healing explained!

Have you ever wondered how energy healing actually works?

Perhaps you’ve had a conversation with a friend who has experienced Reiki, and recommends it for anxiety or stress. Even though you can see your friend is more calm and relaxed, you’re not really sure how it works... You just don’t see how ‘energy’ can reduce the tangible feeling of tightness in your chest or tension in your shoulders.

Well firstly let me reassure you, Reiki can indeed help with these things and more! Reiki is an incredibly powerful energy healing modality that many people have experienced positive and tangible results from – anything from reduced mental and emotional stress, worry, anxiety and depression, to reduced physical pain and illness.

To understand how energy healing works, we must first understand that we are more than just our physical bodies made up of matter. We are also energy beings, made up of our aura (energy field), chakras (energy centres) and meridians (energy pathways). Our energy is light, ethereal and vital, and sometimes we can underestimate the power of our inner energy. Our energy can be affected by our thoughts, emotions, and everything around us such as people, our work, and other situations we find ourselves in.

If we spend a lot of time with negative or toxic people, we can find ourselves feeling heavy, tired and grumpy. If we spend time around more positive people, they can help lift our energy, inspire us and give us a boost. With whom we spend time with and what we spend our time doing really does have a huge impact on how we feel. In addition, how we feel and what we think has a huge impact on our energy levels.

So how does energy healing work? Reiki is a form of energy healing whereby the practitioner will channel energy into the client through their hands. Reiki practitioners are attuned to Reiki energy, and there are different techniques that practitioners will use to help the client to heal.

If you have experienced a significant or traumatic life event, often you will get a rush of emotion (energy-in-motion). If you can’t process those emotions or you are experiencing strong emotions (such as fear) over a long period of time, those emotions can get stuck or locked into your body, causing imbalances in your energy centres. If your energy is blocked, or your energy centres are over or under active, this can manifest into physical issues, mental problems or other issues in your life over time.

Reiki can help clear blocked energy centres, release stored emotions and help you to find balance again. Once your energy centres are balanced and your energy can flow with ease again, you will start to heal. Physical symptoms may start to clear up, you might find brain fog, anxiety and stress start to reduce, and things may start happening in your life that you didn’t expect, such as getting a new job opportunity, or meeting a new romantic partner. Once you are back in flow, you will find life is a joyful experience!

This week, start to notice how you feel. Notice your energy levels when you talk to others, when you are working, when you're doing the things you love and the things that you don't enjoy. If you notice that your energy is low, you're feeling fatigued, restless, anxious or stressed, it might be time for an energy healing. Reiki can help reset, rebalance and give you the energetic cleanse you need to shift the heaviness and move on with your day with more lightness and ease.

To book a Reiki session or to find out more information about Reiki healing, click here.

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