Distant Reiki Healing - what is it and does it really work?

Lately I’ve been promoting Distant Reiki Healing due to the current Coronavirus pandemic making it inappropriate to see people in person. A lot of people have heard of Reiki healing, but I have been asked a lot of questions about Distant Reiki and whether it actually works or not.

Reiki is energy, and energy has no time or space limitations. Think about wifi where we can connect our phone and speakers to each other for example without them needing to be actually attached. We are more than just our physical body – we are made up of energy. We have chakras (energy centres), meridians (energy pathways) and an aura (energy field). Through Reiki, we can shift and move energy through these energy bodies to help us rebalance and feel better. Our energy impacts our body, mind and emotions, which is why after a Reiki healing you will often feel not just more relaxed in your body but also more calm, grounded and peaceful in your mind and emotions.

As a Reiki practitioner, I can send Distant Reiki to people anywhere in the world using the power of intention, certain symbols and techniques to create a connection.

Practicing Reiki healing requires faith – in energy, in yourself, in Reiki healing and the Universe in general. Distant Reiki healing is no different, and I found on a personal level that both receiving and practicing Distant Reiki has actually strengthened my faith to this system of healing.

All my clients who have received Distant Reiki from me are all amazed at how incredible it is and how well it works. They often feel effects throughout the healing itself, and are eager to share their experiences and how they feel after the session in the following days too. They have all experienced positive shifts in their mind, emotions and body, including clearer mindset, no more brain fog, more productivity, less physical pain and a calmer state of being.

A Distant Reiki Healing with me will start with a discussion or coaching session via Skype or Zoom (online) at the start, to uncover any limiting beliefs that might be holding you back. We might dive into the thought patterns around the problem or issue you might be working on. Then you will have the opportunity to experience a Distant Reiki healing; you will lie down on your couch, bed or floor, and you might like to pull a blanket over you to keep warm. I will send you Distant Reiki healing. Once the healing is complete, we will reconnect online and you will have a chance to discuss anything that you felt or things that came up through the session. I will also share what I experienced, and give you guidance on where to go from there.

Through this time of crises, its more important now than ever to look after your mental, emotional and physical health. We are social creatures, and when in isolation, it can quite easily start to have a detrimental affect our mental and emotional health. If you feel in need of connection, conversation, or a Reiki healing, please don’t hesitate to book a session with me here. I can assure you that Distant Reiki is just as powerful as in-person, and it definitely works!

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