Benefits of Distant Reiki Healing

We have spent so much time in Melbourne in lockdown lately, and here we are again in lockdown 2.0! Unfortunately these restrictions mean that I’m unable to see Reiki clients in person, however don’t worry as there IS another alternative…Distant Reiki Healing.

I know Distant Reiki healing can be tricky to wrap your head around. I often get clients ask me, ‘but how does it work? Can it really make a difference?’ The short answer is YES! I wrote a blog a few months ago explaining what Distant Reiki healing is and how it works, which you can read here.

Reiki is energy, and energy is abundant and available anywhere to anyone. As a Reiki practitioner, I can tune in and connect to Reiki energy anywhere. And just as easily, I can send Reiki energy to anyone, anywhere. Energy works very much like calling someone over the phone – we can connect as long as there is intention, and the other person (client) accepts or agrees to receive Reiki energy.

There are amazing benefits to doing a Distant Reiki healing. I myself have been receiving them often during the lockdown period, to keep up my own self-care and healing in amongst the stressful situation we find ourselves in. Everyone has been affected either directly or indirectly by COVID19 in some way, whether that be mentally, physically, emotionally or spiritually. This is a very different and challenging time we face collectively, and the changes it brings can cause immense amount of angst, stress and worry.

During a Distant Reiki healing, I would connect with my client online (via zoom) for an initial discussion and coaching session. Then my client would lie down somewhere comfortable, while I send them Reiki energy. We would then reconnect online at the end for a debrief, and guidance on what to do going forward.

There are many great benefits to doing Reiki distantly:

  • You can receive a Reiki healing from the comfort of your own home – with no need to travel, this will save you time, money and energy, PLUS it is perfect while we are in COVID lockdown as most of us are homebound and I am unable to see clients in person.

  • You can get super comfortable in your favourite trackpants and slippers, or even your pyjamas if you like!

  • After a Distant Reiki healing, you can get straight into bed, have a hot shower or simply rest up without having to battle in traffic or the cold or rain to get home (especially as you may feel tired or super relaxed straight after a Reiki healing!)

  • Once you experience the power that is Distant Reiki, you might find your mind opens to greater possibilities. You might find your spiritual faith is reaffirmed through the experience of Distant Reiki.

  • Distant Reiki is perfect if you are sick, injured, working through particular treatments that make it difficult for you to travel, or are located geographically far away from your favourite Reiki practitioner.

  • Not every Reiki practitioner offers the life coaching that I offer my clients in my Reiki healings – but this remains the same when you have a Distant Reiki healing with me. We connect via zoom online so we can have a chat/coaching session at the start before the distant Reiki healing. Many of my clients really need this space to talk through particular issues that have come up either as a result of their last Reiki healing (Reiki can bring up emotions or issues to the surface to be cleared and healed), or general life events or issues that the clients needs to talk through. If a client is not able to travel to me in person, they can still have the opportunity to talk through their problems with someone in a safe and supportive environment.

  • Distant Reiki healing offers the same benefits emotionally, mentally, spiritually and physically as Reiki in-person. It can help reduce physical pain, calm your mind, reduce brain fog, help you to sleep better, calm emotional distress, reduce mental chatter, and many other incredible benefits.

If you have been wanting to try a Reiki healing, but are stuck in lockdown, then perhaps now is a great opportunity to give Distant Reiki Healing a go! For more information, see here and to book in for a session, see here.

I look forward to hearing from you!

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