5 Reiki energy healing tips

Good news! After many long months in lockdown, I’m excited to soon be able to see Reiki clients in person again! These long months in lockdown have wreaked havoc on our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health, so it is now the perfect time to book in for an emotional and energetic recharge.

The ‘lockdown’ impact on our energy

Lockdown has essentially meant that we’ve been stuck at home for a long period of time. Our energy is stagnant, and we are lacking in some serious connection not only with friends and family, but people in general. This has caused a lot of anxiety, as well as grief from loss of job or income, and loss of expectations and hopes for this year. All of these things have the ability to impact our energetic body for the worse, causing energy blocks and pulling us out of alignment.

Reiki Healing to rebalance and re-energise

Reiki treatments can help you to rebalance your energy, and clear off any negative or unwanted energies. If you’ve been feeling flat, unmotivated and generally blah, Reiki can give you that energetic boost that can help lift your spirits and your mood. If you are as excited as I am to come in for a Reiki healing in person, here are some tips to help make your first Reiki healing back in person smooth and as enjoyable as possible!

1. Drink plenty of water

Make sure you drink plenty of water before and after your Reiki healing. Drinking water will help Reiki energy process through your body, and you’ll feel better afterwards!

2. Wear comfortable clothing

When you come in for a Reiki Healing, wear your comfy clothes so that you can fully relax and let go. There is never any judgement here! The more comfortable you are, the more your body can relax. The more relaxed you are, the more your body is able to heal. If possible, try and avoid wearing belts or buckles, or any clothes that gather or tie at the front. I use crystals in my sessions and it’s much easier to place them on your body without buckles and ties!

3. Create space after your session to rest

Often after a Reiki healing you can feel tired and need to rest. It is best to create some space and time after your Reiki treatment to go home and relax if possible! That way your body will stay in it’s relaxation state, rather than jumping straight back into sympathetic mode where you are on the go. The more relaxed you are, the more easily your body heals.

4. Don’t worry if you feel emotional afterwards!

This is a really common experience to have! Sometimes after a Reiki healing you can feel emotional or teary. Reiki tends to bring those emotions that are just bubbling under the surface up to be cleared. Reiki also releases energetic blockages in your body, which can be a result of stored emotions. It is a really good thing if you’re feeling emotional – it just means your body is experiencing a powerful release! Rest up, drink water and let the emotions wash through you.

5. Reiki takes a couple of days to fully process

Remember that Reiki energy can take a few days to fully process through your body. That might mean that you could feel tired, or experience an emotional release a few days after your healing. You might also feel more calm and grounded after a treatment, and your mood or energy can start to shift into

a more positive state. If you don’t feel anything the day after, give yourself a few more days and see how you feel then.

If you would like to book in for a Reiki Healing in person (from 2nd November), you can book in here. I’m looking forward to seeing you soon!

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