Taking the internal yoga practice to the external dance floor

Over the weekend my dance partner and I had our first dance competition together. This was something I’ve been looking forward to for such a looong time, and for it to finally happen was really special.


It’s easy to get carried away in the hype and the glamour and the competition mindset, but something one of my yoga teachers said to me recently really resonated. Rather than focussing on winning or beating other couples, the more you can focus on the love of the movement, the connection within the partnership and the purpose of each dance, the more you get out of the analysing, thinking headspace and more into the feeling body. This way, you can really dance, rather than just compete.

Yoga really helped me before the competition but also afterwards as well. In preparation, the physical asana was great to help warm up, and move my body and stretch, preparing it for the dancing, but more than that, it set me up in a good headspace. I took a few moments to check back into my own body. Listening to what was going on within, and taking some time to breath and relax. The nerves can easily overwhelm, but spending even a few minutes on taking some deep breaths and focussing within can do wonders to reduce nerves and anxiousness.

And finally, letting go of the attachment to the result. Letting go of the worry and anxiousness of how I was going to perform in comparison to anyone else, and just going out there to do what I love to do the most. Dance!

And it felt fantastic!!

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