​​Reiki Healing

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Reiki Healing is a Japanese energy healing system where the practitioner channels Reiki energy to you, to assist your body to heal. In Japanese, 'Rei' refers to a higher intelligence and 'Ki' is universal energy. Universal life force energy flows through our bodies and can sometimes become blocked, or out of balance. Reiki Healing can assist to bring you back into balance, in a non-invasive and deeply relaxing way.

Reiki can be used as a complementary healing system as well as a stand-alone technique. Benefits of Reiki include:

  • Harmony and balance in your life

  • Deep relaxation, and release of stress and tension

  • Dissolves energy blocks and promotes balance between mind, body and spirit

  • Clears the mind and helps you to refocus

  • Assists with mental health (depression and anxiety)

  • Aids quality of sleep

  • Accelerates the body's natural healing capacity

  • Relieves physical pain

  • Compliments medical treatments and other therapies

Reiki and Intuitive Healing - Initial Session

Expect a discussion at the start to talk through any blockages, emotional stresses, physical pain or problems that you might be experiencing. Depending on your individual needs, I might use one or a combination of breath work, visualisations, coaching and meditation, after which you will experience a beautiful Reiki healing, amplified through the use of crystals. 


At the end of the session, there will be an opportunity to share your thoughts and experiences through the Reiki healing.


You will also be able to take your own special Chakra Crystal Healing set home. It will have been infused with Reiki energy throughout your healing session, and use it any time you feel you need an energetic, emotional or physical boost. 


Please note that your session is highly confidential, and a safe and loving space that you can freely express your thoughts and feelings.

Reiki and Intuitive Healing - Follow Up

Your follow up Reiki treatment will involve a much shorter discussion at the start, to explore how you’ve been feeling and what you have been experiencing after your initial Reiki healing. The majority of this session will be a Reiki Healing, and you may bring along your special Crystal Chakra Healing set from your initial session to amplify your healing.


At the end, you will once again have an opportunity to discuss any thoughts, feelings and experiences that you may have throughout your Reiki healing.  

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I expect during a treatment?

You are fully clothed and can relax lying down on a massage table, while I moves my hands around different areas on or above your body, allowing Reiki energy to flow. 

What does a Reiki treatment feel like?

Reiki Healing is generally deeply relaxing and you may even fall asleep! Falling asleep assists the body to heal on a deeper level, so it is perfectly fine if this happens.

Can Reiki assist pregnant women?

Absolutely. Reiki can do no harm, it can only assist your body to heal.

Are there any side effects of a Reiki Healing?

You may feel deeply relaxed and calm after a Reiki Healing, or even a little tired while your body processes the healing. If you are going through a strong emotional crisis or have underlying blockages or other issues, Reiki can cause those things that might be bubbling under the surface to come up so they can clear. It is a good idea to drink lots of water before and after any energy healing, and to rest awhile after a session if possible.

How often can I have Reiki Healings?

Ideally you would have Reiki Healings at least a week apart to allow your body to process and absorb the benefits of each session.

Where are you located?

I am located in Elwood VIC. Sessions are held at my home and by appointment only.


Do you do home visits?

No, at this stage I am only accepting clients at my Reiki practice

You can see more information about my Reiki practice at my Reiki website here: www.melbournereikiandwellness.com.au 


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Bookings by appointment only. 




'My Reiki treatment with Casey left me feeling serene, relaxed and rejuvenated. I walked away from our session feeling lighter as well as more in my body. I instantly felt at ease and cared for by Casey and could feel her energy and warmth straight away. She also had a great ability to sense and respond to key areas of need in my body. Thanks again' 

- Andrew Dib, Macleod

'Casey is kind and generous in her sharing of wisdom. The space she creates is peaceful and supportive. Her Reiki practice is highly personalised and considerate of clients comfort. I left my session feeling more grounded and positive. This intensified as the week passed. My energy shifted from feeling flat and stuck to feeling clear-minded and energised to make positive changes in my life. That was seven months ago and things have continued to spiral upwards ever since!'

- Jodie Burton, Elwood

'My Reiki session with Casey was amazing - i feel so relaxed ans i could feen the energies literally within my body, particular my solar plexus chakra. After the session the oracle card says exactly what i came here for " balance and contentment" Feeling so much balance and liberating of my feminine energy(which is one of my goal of this healing session)) highly recommend Casey ypu will sure drift off deeply into this healing chamber for an amazing healing journey.'

- Yuchen Zheng, Pascoe Vale

'Casey is a beautiful soul with such warming energy. Had an incredible shift with my first reiki session and I’ll definitely be coming back for more!'

- Tallisa Sekelton, Sandringham

I received some amazing treatments with Casey. She definitely has a gift and her energy healing aloud me to feel some incredible shifts!

- Luke Euvrard, Bentleigh



'Casey has a precious gift and through our work together I’m finding a deep sense of self and healing from past traumatic experiences. Thank you for guiding me through this continuous journey! I can’t recommend Casey enough. 🙏🏻'

- Joanne Hogan, Richmond


'I have been coming to Casey for reiki healing for about three months. She has a powerfully calming and clearing presence. She is also strongly empathetic, thoughtful and intuitive in helping to identify underlying issues. I've experienced really noticeable improvement in the health issues which were the reason I tried reiki. I think reiki is a big contributor to this improvement and I'm so grateful to Casey.'

-Jess, St Kilda