Casey's Story

Yoga and dance are my life. It’s what I do, every day. They are my passion, and I feel so unbelievably lucky because its what I get to do for a living.  Someone once asked me; ‘what do you do on your day off?’ My answer… yoga and dance! There is no such thing as a ‘day off’. Every day is on and I'm so grateful to live this incredible life.


I was born into a family of ballet dancers.


I started off in classical ballet. I remember my mother giving me private ballet practices in our living room every sunday morning, using the kitchen bench as a barre!  I loved it, but I never dreamed my dancing could become such a big part of my full time job.


After 15 years of RAD ballet training, exams, and performances, I started teaching. I was studying HR and Psychology at University at the time, but in my spare moments, you couldn't keep me away from the studio. I was teaching ballet, jazz and contemporary, I was performing regularly, and was absolutely loving it. 


After I graduated, I worked in the corporate world in HR. At first it felt good having a 'real job', but soon I found I was getting more and more stressed and unhappy. It was then that I found yoga. I originally started with vinyasa but was somehow drawn to bikram yoga. I found the heat wonderful as I'm reknowned for always being cold, and found it helped not only physically but mentally. As a 'type A' personality, I was always busy, busy, busy, and I found yoga soothed my mind, as well as helped build strength in my body. I had also started latin and ballroom dance, and found yoga helped my dancing enormously. 


I thought that my life was well and truly on track, however of course that's the time that life takes some interesting turns. After a trip to Indonesia to perform at a wedding in 2012, I became very sick and that was the start of an 18 month battle with major stomach issues. I became intolerant to all food and basically lived on a diet of white rice and broccoli. I was going crazy! After trying many mainstream doctors, I turned to alternative medicine and eventually healed through kinesiology. That 18 month period was one big defining moment in my life. I learned that my hectic lifestyle and mindset about doing so much was a major contributing factor to my health.


I decided to take the leap and do a 12 month Advanced Diploma of Yoga Teaching. I also quit my corporate job halfway through the course with no real plan and no alternative job lined up. It was one of the best decisions of my life, and since then have never looked back. The same day I quit my job I also started my Diploma of Life Coaching. I started teaching yoga and dance again, and was finding my feet in wellness coaching. Towards the end of 2013 I was teaching full time and had just started a wellness coaching business. I thought my life was well and truly on track.


However no sooner had I put my life plans up on my wall, I was pulling them down again. At the start of 2014 my mother was diagnosed with cancer, and less than 4 months later she passed away. Nothing can prepare you for such a life changing event but I can say that yoga and dance have absolutely been my rocks. They have grounded me when my world turned upside down, and I've learnt more that year than I could have ever imagined.


Since then, my journey has continue to shift and evolve. I've had another couple of significant life events, and with every one comes another evolution, another adaptation. Reiki healing has been an incredible part of that journey, and I'm so excited to be sharing energy healing with my clients now. I actually had my first energy healing back when I was 19 years old, but again, never thought it would become such a huge part of my life!

I am now focussing on yoga, barre and Reiki healing full time. I've learnt to prioritise and make the most of every day. Each day I feel grateful to be able to do what I love, and I give thanks to my mum for her eternal love and support in my journey.





Yoga and Barre

  • Advanced Diploma of Yoga Teaching (Australian Yoga Academy)

  • Certificate of Vinyasa Teaching with Jenni Morrison-Jack (Australian Yoga Academy)

  • Yin Yoga Training (Jo Phee)

  • Barre Body Training (Barre Body)

  • Registered Senior Level 2 Teacher (Yoga Australia) 


Reiki & General

  • Reiki Level 1 & 2 (Sarah Najjar, Restore Naturally)

  • Reiki Level 3a (Sarah Najjar, Restore Naturally)

  • Studied Diploma of Life Coaching (The Coaching Institute)

  • Bachelor of Commerce/Arts - Human Resources & Psychology (Deakin University)

  • First Aid and CPR qualified

  • Australian Reiki Connection professional member